June 20th, 2015

Star Wars Goodness

Seems like everytime I post in here it’s to say sorry it’s been so long. I’m trying to get back on top of recapping all the fun times I’ve had the last year, and this is a stand out to me. Star Wars Celebration happened in Anaheim, CA a couple months ago. My friends Vinny Romanelli , Shannon Ritchie and I were able to tattoo out of a booth in the tattoo pavilion as part of Marc Draven’s Ink Fusion Empire. The organization combines tattooing with other counter and pop culture events. We’re able to make friends and clients that share a similar passion for all things nerdy. I just wanted to say thanks to all that got tattooed or picked up schwagg in support of what I do.  It’s a great event and I look forward to the next one.                 

March 22nd, 2014

Conventions and Travels for 2014

This year I’ll be a doing a few different shows from my standard ones. I’ll be doing a few local to New York and some travel abroad.

I’d like to try something different for me at these shows. I may book  a few appointments  for each convention but I will have pre drawn tattoo designs available for walk ups all weekend.  There’ll be a variety of different stuff to pick from that I think will  be cool stuff to tattoo and own.

- June 20-21 NY Empire State Tattoo Expo (Westchester, NY)

- July 1-3 Electric 13 Tattoo (Austin,TX)

- July 7-10 Rock Of Ages (Austin ,TX)

- September 5-7 Art Tattoo Show Montreal (Montreal, Canada)

-September 26-28 The London Tattoo Convention (London, UK) I’ll also be doing some days as a guest with dates un-decided currently.

All inquiries for tattoos at these location please email me at losttex@gmail.com



December 24th, 2013

Artwalk Alpine 2013/ New Works

I went back to my hometown of Alpine, TX recently to display some new work created for the 20 anniversary Artwalk event. I’d love to do some tattoos based off  any of these paintings. If you’re interested please email me at losttex@gmail.com

Easynow ElJeffeLil'BlueMandalaPronghornhometownheroPaisanoAndale

My newest stuff was greatly inspired by my recent trip to Japan. I went to Kyoto to the Municipal Art Museum where they had two exhibitions on Takuechi Seiho. One was all of his preparatory sketches for his paintings and the other was his corresponding paintings. His sketches were so cool to see. His paintings are all huge single brush strokes that looked so simple paired with lifelike illustration properties. When compared to the sketches you could see that the simplicity was all mapped out first in the drawing stages. Seiho was a painter from the late 1880-1940s. He was one of the first proponents in Japan of drawing from life. It’s an idea that I agree with as well and try to use in my own work. Taking reference from my heritage and where I grew up in West Texas and adding in my own illustrative touches.


October 14th, 2011

News From The Road

I’m just over halfway done with my European tour. Been to Denmark, Germany and the UK so far and heading to the Netherlands, Austria and Italy next. Email me if you’re looking to get tattooed in any of those places. You can follow me on twitter and instagram at @adamguyhays for updates and pictures of travels and tattoos.

I’ll be back at Red Rocket at the beginning of January. Email the shop to set up appointments starting in the new year.

Upcoming travel dates:
October 22-23: Eindhoven Tattoo Convention
Eindhoven, Netherlands

October 25-29: Guest spot at Vienna Electric
Vienna, Austria

November 4-6: Florence Tattoo Convention
Florence, Italy

November 8-10: Guest spot at Glory Bound Ink
Rimini, Italy

November 17-20: Guest spot at Adrenalink Tattoo
Marghera (Venice), Italy

September 2nd, 2011

Travel updates

Been in Europe for a few weeks now and am getting my plans for the rest of the trip figured out. Here’s my itinerary as of right now. Email me if you’re interested in getting tattooed in Europe, or contact Red Rocket Tattoo if you’d like to set up an appointment for when I get back to the States.

September 5-8: Guest spot at Elektrische Tätowierungen
Köln, Germany

September 9-11: Assen Tattoo Convention
Assen, Netherlands

September 13-17: Guest spot at Mad Science Tattooing
The Hague, Netherlands

September 23-25: The London Tattoo Convention
London, England

October 4-8: Guest spot at Jolie Rouge Tattoo
London, England

October 11-15: Guest spot at Magnum Opus Tattoo
Brighton, England

October 22-23: Eindhoven Tattoo Convention
Eindhoven, Netherlands

October 25-29: Guest spot at Vienna Electric
Vienna, Austria

November 4-6: Florence Tattoo Convention
Florence, Italy

November 8-10: Guest spot at Glory Bound Ink
Rimini, Italy

November 17-20: Guest spot at Adrenalink Tattoo
Marghera (Venice), Italy

December 2011: Red Rocket Tattoo

April 21st, 2011

Tattooing in Toronto this June

I’ll be coming to  Toronto again this year for the Northern Ink Exposure. I was honored to get to do the artwork for the poster this year so I very much look forward to seeing it posted everywhere. I think it came out pretty rad.I’ll also be Joining my friends at Seven Crowns Tattoo to do some guest work there as well. I’ll be there before the show doing tattoos that Tuesday and Wednesday the 14&15 of June. Contact me here to get tattooed at either event.

February 27th, 2011

Milano Trip

So I recently did the Milano Tattoo convention. Had a good time there. Made a lot of new friends, saw some old ones and really got to lock down some more places to visit for my upcoming summer/fall tour. Did some cool tattoos while I was there. Here’s a few photos of the trip.

February 7th, 2011

2011 Travels and shows.

So I’m getting my travels plans for the  year worked out now. Some shows are confirmed and  some are pending. It’s hard to get all these ducks in a row right now. But here’s the tentative show and guest spot plans

The New York City Tattoo Convention May 11-13 New York City,USA

Seven Crowns Tattoo Guest spot in Toronto June 13-14

The Northern Ink Exposure June  17-19 Toronto ,Canada

Conspiracy Ink guest spot Copenhagen, Denmark August 15-21  Dates TBD

Assen Tattoo Convention September 9-11  Assen ,Netherlands (Tentative)

The London Tattoo Convention September 23-25 London ,England

Jolie Rouge Tattoo Guest spot in London October 6 – 9th London, England

Florence Tattoo Convention November 4-6 Firenze ,Italy (Tentative)

Glory Bound Ink Guest spot Rimini, Italy November dates TBD

Adrenalink Tattoo Guest spot in Marghera (Venice),Italy November TBD

The Berlin Tattoo Convention December 2-4 Berlin, Germany (Tentative)

Vienna Electric Tattoo Guest spot in Vienna,Austria December TBD

Red Rocket Tattoo NYC,USA January 2012

That’s the list for now; keep tuned for more info and changes.

December 6th, 2010

Back to Texas

I’ll be tattooing at Amillion Tattoo in Austin, Texas from December 20-21. If anyone’s  looking to get tattooed contact me here for more info.  Hope to see you there.

October 23rd, 2010

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