April 21st, 2011

Jury Duty Updates

So I got called in to serve Jury Duty today. Which means for the first time in forever I have nothing but free time. Luck for me they give you free wi-fi. Thought I’d take this opportunity to update the site and do a new post.

You’ll notice most of the newer photos are all being watermarked. I’ve been seeing a bit of my work re-posted on various blogs lately and I’m really grateful that people enjoy my work and wish to share it. However I do hope that re-bloggers are citing the source. I really hate seeing a tattoo that I worked hard on posted with no name on it. That being said i’m using crappy watermarks now. Enjoy.

Recently I had the pleasure of tattooing another tattoo artist named Bill Blood. I did the top of his head for him. This was my largest head tattoo to date and since doing one like this is pretty rare we took some photos of the process. Thought you guys might enjoy seeing it.

February 27th, 2011

Milano Trip

So I recently did the Milano Tattoo convention. Had a good time there. Made a lot of new friends, saw some old ones and really got to lock down some more places to visit for my upcoming summer/fall tour. Did some cool tattoos while I was there. Here’s a few photos of the trip.

February 7th, 2011

2011 Travels and shows.

So I’m getting my travels plans for the  year worked out now. Some shows are confirmed and  some are pending. It’s hard to get all these ducks in a row right now. But here’s the tentative show and guest spot plans

The New York City Tattoo Convention May 11-13 New York City,USA

Seven Crowns Tattoo Guest spot in Toronto June 13-14

The Northern Ink Exposure June  17-19 Toronto ,Canada

Conspiracy Ink guest spot Copenhagen, Denmark August 15-21  Dates TBD

Assen Tattoo Convention September 9-11  Assen ,Netherlands (Tentative)

The London Tattoo Convention September 23-25 London ,England

Jolie Rouge Tattoo Guest spot in London October 6 – 9th London, England

Florence Tattoo Convention November 4-6 Firenze ,Italy (Tentative)

Glory Bound Ink Guest spot Rimini, Italy November dates TBD

Adrenalink Tattoo Guest spot in Marghera (Venice),Italy November TBD

The Berlin Tattoo Convention December 2-4 Berlin, Germany (Tentative)

Vienna Electric Tattoo Guest spot in Vienna,Austria December TBD

Red Rocket Tattoo NYC,USA January 2012

That’s the list for now; keep tuned for more info and changes.

December 2nd, 2010

New Photos

I’ve been slacking getting new photos onto the site lately. This new website is great but it’s taking me a while to figure it all out. I’ve been up to my ears in spam from every post i’ve done. Have a look through the categories in tattoos there’s some cool new tattoos in there

October 5th, 2010

South Africa’s Southern Ink Exposure

Last January Kelsey (my wife) and I went to South Africa for the Southern Ink Exposure. It was a really wonderful experience.

We started off in Jo-burg before heading to Kruger National Park for a couple of days. We went on an all day safari that was just amazing. So many animals in such close proximity coexisting  was such a sight to see. I could have spent weeks there just taking it all in. After Kruger we headed to the beautiful city of Cape Town for a week. There’s so much to do and see in this part of the world that it was hard to fit it all in. We visited the top of Table mountain, we went great white shark cage diving, visited the penguin beach and headed down to the Cape of Good Hope. The south western mots tip of Africa. The vantage point from there is immense. You can look south and just see the earth curve.

We finished our trip there in the city  at the Southern Ink Exposure . It was full of great artists in a much different kind of spirit that I rarely see. Everybody there seemed so laid back, Enjoying the easier pace than the regular convention hustle. I did some fun tattoos there and made some great friends.

Africa is a place that has to be seen to be truly understood. All in all it was a great experience that I’d recommend to all.

Here’s some photos from abroad and a couple of tattoos I got to do.

October 4th, 2010

Back in Action in NYC

It’s been a week now since we made it home after a week spent in Paris, then London, finishing up with the London Tattoo Convention. The event kept up its reputation as the best convention out there—top artists, comfortable space, and amazing crowds. Alas in a stupid rookie move I forgot my portfolio back in NYC. Regardless things worked out well. I was all booked up for the weekend and got to do some great pieces—many on legs, soooo glad I packed my portable massage table. Here’s a few pics of the event and some of the finished work. Thanks to everyone who dropped by my booth and showed support.