June 20th, 2015

Star Wars Goodness

Seems like everytime I post in here it’s to say sorry it’s been so long. I’m trying to get back on top of recapping all the fun times I’ve had the last year, and this is a stand out to me. Star Wars Celebration happened in Anaheim, CA a couple months ago. My friends Vinny Romanelli , Shannon Ritchie and I were able to tattoo out of a booth in the tattoo pavilion as part of Marc Draven’s Ink Fusion Empire. The organization combines tattooing with other counter and pop culture events. We’re able to make friends and clients that share a similar passion for all things nerdy. I just wanted to say thanks to all that got tattooed or picked up schwagg in support of what I do.  It’s a great event and I look forward to the next one.                 

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