January 3rd, 2015

Breaking Borders Seminar

Breaking Borders, Tips Tricks and techniques to help take your artwork beyond flash.

This seminar is a comprehensive look at my painting process. It will include:
- Forethought and planning. Making the most out of your work.
- A materials breakdown and pros and cons of different mediums.
- Various illustration and pen and ink techniques
- The differences in watercolor techniques and their multi applications to various artwork.
- Tips and tricks to make your art better.

There’ll be lecturing and workshop time as we work together on a small painting.
Seminar provided supplies includes:
1- screenprint
1-seminar booklet
1- high quality print to accompany the booklet.

The seminar should run about 3 hours and covers everything to help you turn a hobby into a career. The seminar costs 200$ including everything.
For info on getting in email me at info@adamguyhays.com

Red Rocket Tattoo, NYC Feb 1

Summit Tattoo Invitational, Breckenridge, Colorado March 20&22


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