May 27th, 2014

How To Get Tattooed By Me

Recently I’ve changed the way I handle my schedule. For a while now I’ve been booking out months in advance, which is tough on me and my clients. So now I will no longer be booking appointments more than two months out. Instead, I will be making a list with spots for a limited amount of new projects each month: 7 large-scale/ongoing pieces, and 3 single-session tattoos. I want to make sure I have enough time to devote to each of my clients and am able to finish projects in a more timely fashion, so I’m going to try to be selective about what new projects I take on and only commit to things that I’m really excited about and that I feel will give me the chance to offer my best self as an artist.

Feel free to call my shop 212-736-3001 and ask about scheduling a free in-person consultation. I’m at the shop Wednesday – Saturday and always prefer to talk in person. In my experience a 5 minute conversation in person usually saves us both 5 emails and leaves both of us feeling more positive about the project. I’m really horrible at keeping up with my email load. I’m just one person that is trying to run a tattoo shop with 12 employees and manage my personal workload at the same time. I work on people. Not a computer and ask that you please don’t get frustrated by the lack of a timely response in email   (If you’re coming to New York from out of town or are interested in getting tattooed by me at a convention or during one of my guest spots, please email me at info at adamguyhays dot com. IF YOU’RE LOCAL PLEASE COME BY IN PERSON.)

Once we’ve discussed a project in person, I’ll take all your contact info  and a deposit (Miniumum $100, cash only), which will guarantee you a spot for a given month. Before the beginning of that month, I will get in touch to arrange an in-depth consult and specific appointment dates. I think this will be easier on me and on my clients, and will make it possible for me to fit the pieces I’m really stoked about into my schedule. I’m looking forward to talking to y’all and hearing your best ideas for tattoos.





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