December 24th, 2013

Artwalk Alpine 2013/ New Works

I went back to my hometown of Alpine, TX recently to display some new work created for the 20 anniversary Artwalk event. I’d love to do some tattoos based off  any of these paintings. If you’re interested please email me at

Easynow ElJeffeLil'BlueMandalaPronghornhometownheroPaisanoAndale

My newest stuff was greatly inspired by my recent trip to Japan. I went to Kyoto to the Municipal Art Museum where they had two exhibitions on Takuechi Seiho. One was all of his preparatory sketches for his paintings and the other was his corresponding paintings. His sketches were so cool to see. His paintings are all huge single brush strokes that looked so simple paired with lifelike illustration properties. When compared to the sketches you could see that the simplicity was all mapped out first in the drawing stages. Seiho was a painter from the late 1880-1940s. He was one of the first proponents in Japan of drawing from life. It’s an idea that I agree with as well and try to use in my own work. Taking reference from my heritage and where I grew up in West Texas and adding in my own illustrative touches.


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