September 2nd, 2011

Travel updates

Been in Europe for a few weeks now and am getting my plans for the rest of the trip figured out. Here’s my itinerary as of right now. Email me if you’re interested in getting tattooed in Europe, or contact Red Rocket Tattoo if you’d like to set up an appointment for when I get back to the States.

September 5-8: Guest spot at Elektrische Tätowierungen
Köln, Germany

September 9-11: Assen Tattoo Convention
Assen, Netherlands

September 13-17: Guest spot at Mad Science Tattooing
The Hague, Netherlands

September 23-25: The London Tattoo Convention
London, England

October 4-8: Guest spot at Jolie Rouge Tattoo
London, England

October 11-15: Guest spot at Magnum Opus Tattoo
Brighton, England

October 22-23: Eindhoven Tattoo Convention
Eindhoven, Netherlands

October 25-29: Guest spot at Vienna Electric
Vienna, Austria

November 4-6: Florence Tattoo Convention
Florence, Italy

November 8-10: Guest spot at Glory Bound Ink
Rimini, Italy

November 17-20: Guest spot at Adrenalink Tattoo
Marghera (Venice), Italy

December 2011: Red Rocket Tattoo

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